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Lazy Saturdays, lounging about on the comfy couch while looking out the window into the impossibly blue sky, the slight Autumn breeze kept out by the thick glass while the resonant sound of wind chimes, swinging lazily somewhere out in the neighbourhood as the breeze wafts by, floats ethereally into the house. Pigeons fly. Kids laugh and play. The trees sway. For a moment, everything seems perfect: even in here, with the TV turned on to the lowest audible hush above silence, an imperceptible white noise that fades in and out of the sound picture, along the breeze, the chimes, the kids, the sound of the lift going up and down the building, the doors that slam or the keys that fit the lock, the cellphones ringing in the distance, the soup pot boiling on the stove, the washing machine humming. You find yourself attuned to every single one of these sounds as, like a huge flock of birds crossing the sky, they fly in and out of your sight line — or should that be the hearing line? — in an ever-changing, ever-moving formless shape that changes contours, patterns, length at the batting of an eyelid. But everything seems slowed down, unhurried, deaccelerated to the point of stasis, so you can take the time to absorb and appreciate each constituent of the sprawling aural painting hung up around you; the sound of a lazy Saturday separate from the outside world, just looking inside yourself, aware, at peace, yet amplifying everything that is around you, alchemically transmuted into these four pieces by American sound artiste Justin Hardison. An idyll that makes sense of the here and now.» - Jorge Mourinha


released January 1, 2007

All Tracks by Justin Hardison
Release by Test Tube


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my fun Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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